KissMeter® FAQ
What is a KissMeter?

The KissMeter® is a coin-or token-operated amusement game that evaluates the kissing skills of a couple based on the intensity and duration of their kiss.. Each KissMeter can operate independently - or two can be easily interconnected to make kissing a competitive event between two couples.

How many people can play?
Optimally, two people should play each game to measure their mutual compatibility through evaluation of their kissing style. If the couple is not quite ready to kiss in public at a coin-operated machine then they may either shake hands (a bit awkward) or hold hands instead and get a reading. The KissMeter also works with one player as an 'ego-centric' measurement of 'self-love'.

Interlinking two KissMeters makes it a 4-player (2 couple) competitive event. The interlinked KissMeters automatically conduct a 'Kiss off' and determine which of the two participatiing couples is the better kissers. Sequential rounds of tournament kissing can lead to an evening of much merriment.

How does the game work?
The players insert appropriate coins or tokens into the coin slot.

When enough coins are inserted to start the game, the players each place one hand on the sensing plates located on either side of the machine - one player per side.

The players engage in a kiss - which is evaluated and displayed on the "Love Thermometer" display on the KissMeter.

The kiss is evaluated based on intensity and duration over an 18-second interval.

At the conclusion of the evaluation the game displays the end value and plays a tune representative of the quality of the kiss.

If two competing playing couples start their games within 3 seconds of each other then the interlinked systems automatically put them into a "Kiss Off" and the couple with better skills at the end of the measurement are awarded "Best Kisser" status for that round.

How secure are the game enclosures?
The game is housed in am attractive, powder coated heavy gauge locking steel box. Holes are provided to bolt the machine to a tabletop or wall-mount it. We strongly recommend bolting the KissMeter to something solid - after all, it's your money in the cash can! The supplied lock is an 'Ace' style tubular lock and are all keyed alike from the factory. We recommend that you substitute your locks for the ones we supply. Replacement locks are readily available from coin machine suppliers like Wico, Lock America or Happ Controls.

How much does a KissMeter cost?
The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is $599 per machine. Occasionally we have 'factory reconditioned' KissMeters available on, depending on market conditions and availability. Right now we are offering special 'Introductory Pricing' to qualified vending operators to get these systems out and working making money for owners and locations. Contact us for details.

Does a KissMeter require an Internet or phone connection?
No, the system is completely self-contained.

Is the KissMeter difficult to install?
Not really - mount the machine to a wall or tabletop, plug in the attached wall-wart power transformer and it's up and running. If a tournament system is installed then add another KissMeter and plug-connect the KissLink cable between them. Easy as plugging in a land-line telephone to a wall outlet.

What values of coin play are available?
The KissMeter can be set to play with one, two, three or four coins and the coin acceptor mechanism is a 'comparator' style that can accept and compare most any coin or token - so play values from 5 cents to $4.00 are possible. The KissMeter comes factory set for 25 cent (one US Quarter) play and can easily be changed to accommodate other values.
"Free Play" and "Challenger Pays" modes are also supported.

What about cash auditing?
The total coins received by the KissMeter are accumulated on a non-reset counter in the system. The total accrued coins received are displayed in coded form during regular game play and idle time to allow complete control and auditing of cash received.
If the units are operating in "Free Play" mode then the display is the number of games played.

What is the warranty on the equipment?
The KissMeter is warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for one year. Repair service is available through Factory Service at our main office or through field repair stations. Naturally, the warranty does not extend to willful damage. Out of warranty repairs are available on an 'exchange' basis.

How about product safety and government regulatory compliance issues?
The KissMeter has been tested and verified to comply with FCC Part 15 'unintended radiator' standards and meets or exceeds the requirements for a 'Class A Computer Device".
The KissMeter is powered by a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed wall transformer which meets or exceeds applicable fire- and personnel safety requirements.
In operation the KissMeter passes an extremely small and limited electrical current through the two participants that is much less than any threshold value from USA or European safety organizations. In other words, 'it's perfectly safe'.

Is the KissMeter made in the USA?
We developed and designed the KissMeter here in Silverton, Oregon and sought out local suppliers whenever possible.

We assemble your KissMeter in Silverton with American labor.
The circuit boards come from a fab shop about 18 miles away (Sunstone Circuits) and the sheet metal parts come from a CNC equipped workshop in Portland Oregon.

Most of the KissMeter is domestically produced, but some components are no longer manufactured in the United States. Things like the resistors, integrated circuits, transistors, LEDs and coin chutes. It's very sad that we cannot say our product is 100% USA-made, but everything we can source locally we do.

Retail Price $599.00 each - or Complete Kissing Tournament System (Two KissMeters and interconnecting cables) $1,199.00
Call 503-297-5211 (or 800-992-8459 Toll Free) To Order
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